chapter  8
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Creativity in the primary curriculum

In this book, we have suggested many ideas that we think are likely to enhance children’s creativity. The book as a whole represents a vision of the emphasis on creativity that we think should be applied to the primary curriculum in England. We know that as a wellinformed and confident teacher, you can help your pupils’ creativity and enjoy creative teaching. However, while we remain optimistic that this is possible, and have shown many examples of teachers (including ourselves) doing this, as an afterword we want to remind you that from time to time you have to fight for what you believe in education. The history of curriculum reform shows us that there are determined forces at work, some of which are not as keen on creativity as we are! (See Wyse (2006) and Wyse et al. (2008) for reviews of the curriculum, including some history.) So how does the fight begin? You need to critically evaluate curriculum policy so as not to become a passive recipient and deliverer of the curriculum. This is an entirely appropriate professional stance and an attitude that is likely to ultimately bring you more satisfaction and a greater level of knowledge about the issues.