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This book began its life with a blank sheet of paper. The paper was to be filled with ideas. We are tempted to say that these two sentences are so far from reality that they are

lies! But we are being somewhat unfair to ourselves. It is true that before we started the book there were, metaphorically speaking, just blank sheets of paper. It is also true to say that in order to create the book, the paper had to be filled with ideas. However, the reality of the process involved many influences that are not conveyed by the metaphor. First of all, Anna Clarkson, who commissioned the book for the publisher, enticed us to add a book on creativity to the Really Useful series. Then Dominic spoke to Pam about the project. They had been working together because Pam was seconded from her job as a classroom teacher to the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge for one day a week. Together they discussed the kind of book they wanted to write. Meetings were held and a book proposal emerged. Referees who read the proposal made suggestions. Then the writing began. But did the writing follow the plan so clearly expressed in the proposal? To a large degree yes, but the process of writing also inspired changes along the way.