chapter  4
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E-OHS monitoring system for construction projects

The successful monitoring and tracking of the implementation of OHS management systems on construction sites is a critical step to provide a healthy and safe work environment and to prevent accidents (Wilson and Koehn 2000; Tam et al. 2001; Hinze and Gambatese 2003). Deployment of an effective OHS monitoring and tracking system is therefore crucial for builders. Nonetheless, there are many critical issues in construction that challenge effective deployment of OHS monitoring and tracking systems. Among the challenges are:

v the constantly changing hazards as the project is constructed; v multilayered subcontracting and the loss of track of OHS responsibility

distribution; v concurrent progress of multiple tasks on site; v abundance of hazardous material use, plant operations, tradesmen and

subcontractors; v limitations of supervisors to monitor every aspect meticulously; v large amount of paperwork and the risk of losing data/documents; and v active involvement of top management in monitoring OHS performance

on site becomes limited without real-time summaries of performance.