chapter  4
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Research must aim at truth

As urged in chapter 1, research is, by its nature, essentially knowledge-generating, at least in intention. So researchers should conceptualize their projects in terms of truth, since knowledge in this context is knowledge of what is true. No doubt the connection between research and truth might be exploited in many ways (for example, not only through hypothesis-generation). The argument here is only that our picture of research must safeguard truth, which seems a default position. For it would be odd to grant both that such-and-such was research and that it lacked any capacity to generate knowledge. Thus the argument here aims only at this conceptual point. Hence it contains few examples. A more convincing answer must await an elaborated actual account of truth, sketched in the next three chapters, which addresses more fully both proposed explanations of truth-denial and cases offering to show how my claims here might be rejected.