chapter  3
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Discovery the Brand: Image, Reputation, Promise

CNN International and BBC World are not alone when expressing a strong belief in the concept of branding. Such conviction has become the norm as branding has increasingly taken the center stage in the running of not only global media enterprises, but within many businesses and organizations. Branding is considered as a key means for enterprises and organizations to achieve their aims, whether this is profi t, support, or recognition. The practice of branding attempts to manage the relationship between an organization and the environment in which it operates, and serves to create ties and bonds with consumers, individuals, groups, or other organizations. Furthermore, there is a growing preoccupation with the fi nancial value of brands, and it is increasingly accepted that they contribute to the overall value of companies. Marketing scholar Keller points out that although a brand is a product, the brand: ‘adds other dimensions that differentiates it in some way from other products designed to satisfy the same need. These differences may be rational and tangible-related to product performance of the brand-or more symbolic, emotional and intangible-related to what the brand represents’ (Keller, 2003: 50).