chapter  7
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"It's Just Like Teaching People 'Do the Right Things'": Using T V to Become a Good and Powerful Man

Like now I don't really watch TV, not like I watched it before. Before I was like in the show, and like "Yeah!" But now I'm just watching it. . . . I just watch it really, really for purely entertainment now. . . . Even though shows now are becoming more realistic, like bad things happen, it's not always a

happy ending and things, you know. And I like happy endings, there's nothing wrong with that. But you know, sometimes it's just not true to the way

life really is. I watch T V differently now. Sometimes I'm watching it, but I'm not really watching it, just seeing what's going on. You know you hear the music come on and (someone) hugs someone, and then things are always

better. And you have to wonder, you know. That's not how at least my life is, you know. I don't hear any music coming on and I don't hear anyone com-

ing, telling me that it ' l l be all right.