chapter  1
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Introduction: Diane F. Alters and Lynn Schofield Clark

GIVING ACCOUNTS OF THE MEDIA Nick and Roberta Kandinsky and their sons, Lance and Eric, are gathered around their kitchen table to talk with one of this book's authors. 1 Late in the interview, this good -natured exchange takes place during a discussion about renting videotapes of movies:

Nick [age 52}:

Interviewer: Lance [age 15}: Nick:

Roberta {age 49]: Lance:

We usually try to get light comedies. When Roberta's out, we get an action movie. You know, I've seen some before. And you know, the kids with their video games, they've seen the violence, and I'm usually there with them. And if it gets too embarrassing, I'll fast-forward it. What gets embarrassing? You've never fast-forwarded! You know, it's really funny. The violence, I've never fast-forwarded. But sex, I do, and I don't know why I do. It's as harmless as the-[ he is interrupted by the boys, who are making incredulous faces at this. The interviewer laughs.] {to the interviewer] I know he doesn't fast-forward. I've never been around you once when you've fastforwarded!