chapter  4
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Oscar Micheaux: The Story Continues: Thomas Cripps

Professor Ronald Green is, of course, correct in calling for an ongoing probe of the work of the African-American novelist and moviemaker, Oscar Micheaux. He, Professor Jane Gaines of Duke University, and others have begun a newsletter meant for the growing number of Micheaux scholars, a long-overdue research organ. Micheaux's "lost" movies continue to tum up: back in the 1970s I identified one in the Cineteca Espana in Madrid; Professor Richard Grupenhoff of Glassboro State College in New Jersey came upon another one, Veiled Aristocrats, only last year; and yet another, The Symbol of the Unconquered, was shown at the Museum of Modern Art only days after this was written. And as Green writes, even if we found no more such films, our analysis of the canon that survives is far from "nailed shut." Moreover, we now have a new baggage of theoretical tools drawn from feminist studies, Freud, Marx, a generation of French and German linguists and social critics, and their advocates in the pages of Screen and Cahiers du Cinema.