chapter  5
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George W Bush: The enemy of my enemy

George W Bush lost, and then won, the 2000 presidential election. He initially failed to convince a plurality of voting Americans that his deeply ‘compassionate’ conservative agenda of huge tax cuts, education and social reform and military renewal was the change that the United States needed. Nevertheless, after

(Undated) CIA allegedly loses entire network in Iran after details were passed to a double agent

July MEK (designated a terrorist group by the State Department) is given ‘protected status’ under the Fourth Geneva Convention in Iraq

2005 January Seymour Hersh reports that US Special Forces have begun operations in

Iran March US agrees to support EU3 negotiations in return for referral to UNSC if

talks fail; also agrees to drop opposition to WTO talks and the provision of spare aircraft parts

June Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is elected President of Iran September Ahmadinejad’s first UN address: tells a clerical audience afterwards that

a halo had enveloped him and the audience did not blink for 27 or 28 minutes.