chapter  3
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‘Prison was a good thing’

On 13 June 1985, a young member of the Norwegian right-wing extremist group, the Nasjonalt Folkeparti (National People’s Party) detonated a bomb outside an Oslo Mosque. Nasjonalt Folkeparti was the successor organisation of Norsk Front. Norsk Front came to an end in the early 1980s after it was revealed that one of its members had engaged in a bombing operation in 1979. Norsk Front’s successors in Nasjonalt Folkeparti, however, claimed responsibility for neither the mosque bombing in 1985 nor any other criminal activity. Though Nasjonalt Folkeparti is not a national socialist party per se, many of its members were clearly Nazis. The mosque in question was built in 1980 and was the European home of the Ahmadiya sect, a branch of Sunni Muslims. The mosque was mostly frequented by Pakistani Muslims. In this short chapter, we are introduced to ‘Lars’ (not his real name), a former member of Nasjonalt Folkeparti imprisoned for his role in the bombing.