chapter  3
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Action research for inclusion

Case studies which explore teachers’ diverse experiences of action research for inclusion are crucial to deepening our understanding of teacher development in this area. The information and experiences that inform the remaining chapters in this book are drawn from the findings of a research project within the ESRC’s Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP), called ‘Prosiect Dysgu Cydradd’ (Facilitating Teacher Engagement in More Inclusive Practice). This project developed out of an earlier TLRP project (Ainscow et al. 2006) entitled ‘Understanding and Developing Inclusive Practices in Schools’ which had involved both primary and secondary schools in three disadvantaged areas in England. That earlier project identified ways of making action research work for institutional change in schools, but the methods adopted had relatively little success at engaging teachers in secondary schools. In addition, the different roles played by university teams influenced the project outcomes in each area (Frankham and Howes 2006), in a way that suggested the critical significance of the role of facilitator in such projects.