chapter  1
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Introductory remarks

In the continuing stream of psychoanalytic developments, we can observe its tendency to ¯ow in a series of conversations privileging ®rst one conception and then another, with each series, perhaps, constituting a structure of binary oppositions. Psychoanalysis has in fact initiated creating the space for unconscious psychic life in a cultural background of conscious rationality. In the subsequent perspective of libidinal instincts, the perplexing role of destructive drives also came to be included. And then, in an outlook of defence against the irruption of drives into the ego, a space was allowed for the need of, and defence from, other persons ± the celebrated objects of the psychoanalytic vocabulary. After that, the universe of transference has had to somehow include countertransference. And perhaps now a psychoanalytic culture of determinism and causal relations may ®nally come to interact with the essential question of spontaneity.