chapter  8
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Campaigning in the Next Decade

As we have seen in the previous chapters, there have been several profound changes in professional campaigning and campaign management over the past ten to fi fteen years. However, the fundamental tasks for campaigns remain the same: how to effectively and effi ciently communicate with the people who will vote for our candidate. Campaigns have to be able to reach young, college-aged online multi-taskers with the tools they are most familiar with and use all the time: text-messaging, social networks, smart phone applications, websites. Campaigns likewise have to reach into nursing homes, where seniors gravitate to television, word of mouth, and newspapers. Failing to reach out to seniors, to college-aged voters, or to any other demographic can doom a campaign. And we have to remember that not every one is an activist; not all elections are exciting; and not every

voter is young, hip and wired. Most voters are passive, still rely on television, and most elections are not life-changing, transformative events.