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Common suffixes for nouns describing persons

The following is an overview of other common suffixes for the formation of nouns.

-dom eigendom property, heiligdom sanctity, bisdom diocese -schap vriendschap friendship, eigenschap characteristic -nis erfenis inheritance, begrafenis funeral, ergernis

annoyance -(en/n, er/ar)ij vleierij flattery, ambtenarij bureaucracy, lekkernij

delicacy -iteit stommiteit stupidity, subtiliteit subtlety, calamiteit

calamity -age taoeage tattoo, spionage espionage, sabotage sabotage -atie reparatie repair, presentatie presentation, delegatie

delegation -theek apotheek pharmacy, bibliotheek library, discotheek

disco -sel voedsel food, deksel lid, stelsel system

In many of the nouns you can recognize verbs (presenteren – de presentatie), adjectives (stom – de stommiteit), and nouns (de vriend – de vriendschap). For learning purposes, make it part of your routine to write down words in word groups such as repareren, de reparatie, de reparateur or stom, de stommeling, de stommerd, de stommiteit, etc.