chapter  3
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Forming words and compounds

In Turkish, words are built almost exclusively by suffixation. Words can have a sequence of suffixes and can correspond to a whole sentence in English:

gör-üs¸-tür-ül-me-mis¸-ti-k ‘we hadn’t been allowed to see each other’

var-lık-lı-las¸-tır-ıl-a-ma-yabil-ir-ler ‘they may not be able to be made rich’

al-ıntı-lan-dır-a-ma-dıg˘-ımız-dan-dır ‘it must be because we cannot quote [it]’

It is very important to get the order of the suffixes and the sounds right. The order of the nominal and the verbal suffixes is discussed in Chapters 4 and 16 respectively.