chapter  9
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Human Resource Management and the Labor Market

One of the most remarkable developments in the market or any business organization in the Kingdom is the presence of a considerably large number of expatriates. These expatriates engage in every imaginable task. Their participation in economic activities and the skill they have brought with them from their native countries make economic achievement possible and ease the operations of both nationals and MNCs. While it is diffi cult to measure exactly the contribution of expatriates to the welfare of the Arabians, the presence of expatriates in almost every sector of the economy and the increasing reliance of corporations on them is a testimony to their vital economic role. This does not necessarily mean that nationals are not actively involved in the economy; rather, it reveals that the economy in the Kingdom has a great capacity to absorb far more workers than what the national market provides. Likewise, it manifests that the economy in Arabia is not easily separated from the global economy. The sheer number of expatriates and their broad involvement in the local economy deepen integration in the world economy.