chapter  4
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The Manager Role

The quest for development induces nations and organizations to fi nd new means for effective utilization of both human and natural resources. At the organizational level, researchers and practitioners recognize the role of managers in achieving goals and improving performance. Managers, therefore, have come to play signifi cant societal and organizational roles, especially in market-driven societies (MDS) or industrial nations. In fact, economic progress and technological advancement are attributed in a large part to the creative and organizational abilities of managers. It is in these countries that managers have come to play a central role in the evolution and growth of corporations and societal prosperity. This is more clearly demonstrated in the United States, Europe, and Japan, where managers have situated themselves as primary actors for charting new avenues and identifying possibilities to move forward and set the foundations for vibrant economies. Indeed, managers, to a large degree, have been instrumental in enabling their countries to achieve economic progress and prosperity.