chapter  5
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Managerial Work Values and Beliefs

Casual and serious observers of Arabian society have always wondered about the ease with which Arabians change individual behavior once they are in the Kingdom. Abroad, these individuals may engage in various forms of seductions and temptations. But back in the Kingdom, these very same individuals exhibit religiosity and, to the public eye, strictly observe the rigid social norms of the country. This phenomenon is the outcome of the interplay of religious, social, and political factors and is often viewed by Arabians as perfectly normal behavior. In this chapter, one of the most important factors, values orientations, is covered. These orientations, as we see in the coming sections, may shed light on the reasons for changing behaviors. In this chapter, the nature of work values and the norms that govern Arabian behavior in the Kingdom are mapped out. As was indicated in the fi rst two chapters, society in Arabia is full of contradictions. These contradictions, however, are kept under control and the government has developed mechanisms to deal with contingencies while occasionally creating avenues for releasing public discontent. The latter is a testimony to the ability of the ruling family to use tribal, religious, and state power to its advantage.