chapter  5
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Achieving breakthroughs in learning: Students as critical others

At its best, creative teaching produces ‘breakthroughs’ in learning (Woods 1994). They are the ultimate in innovation. Breakthroughs have unusual power to provide startling insights and enlightenment. They cast a brilliant light on the here and now, and reveal startling new truths. There is a sense of ultimates and frontiers. There is new self-knowledge and self-development, significant advances in relationships with others. They are accompanied by profound feelings, great excitement, disturbed emotions, intense pleasure and sometimes pain. They liberate, endowing the learner with freedom from the chains of alienated ignorance and more freedom towards achieving one’s goals. They provide resource, not only for oneself, but in one’s relationships with others. In short, they are empowering both of the self, and through the self, of others.