chapter  3
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Managing human resources in Lithuania

Lithuania is a country with a long and rich history going back to 2000 BC; however, the name of Lithuania was first mentioned only in AD 1009 in the Annales Quedlinburgenses. Since that time Lithuania has become a visible player among European countries. In 1236 Lithuania was united and became a kingdom under Grand Duke Mindaugas, who was later crowned king. In 1392-1430 Lithuania stretched from the Baltic to the Black Sea. In the sixteenth century, due to the growing strength of Russia, Lithuanian territories started shrinking. Finally Lithuania was annexed by Russia in 1795, and regained its independence only in 1918. However, in 1945 Lithuania suffered annexation for the second time, this time by Soviet Russia. In 1991 Lithuania gained its independence and since then it has operated as the independent Republic of Lithuania. In 2004 Lithuania joined the European Union.