chapter  7
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Inversion as Focalization and Related Matters

The text following corresponds to the last two sections of an article that appeared, with the title of this chapter, in the source indicated in the acknowledgments. The article contained the rst elaboration of the proposal that the low part of the clause includes a vP-periphery with dedicated positions for new information focus and topic/given information, with the related core idea that so-called ‘subject inversion’ is a typical instance of clause-internal focalization. A richer and more rened version of the overall proposal is given in Chapter 6 of this volume. The present chapter constitutes a virtual integration of Chapter 6. The following sections deal with some of the main ‘related questions’ mentioned in the title. There are several possible related relevant questions. Among them the following can be singled out and are addressed here: How does the vP-periphery proposal deal with other cases where word order variations and information structure are at stake? Two core cases are considered: (i.) the possible reordering of verbal complements in sentences containing a multiple complement verb phrase; (ii.) the postverbal location of denite and indenite subjects with unaccusative verbs.