chapter  6
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Talmudic readings

From the end of the fifties until late in his life, Levinas regularly produced a Talmudic reading (twenty-five in all), in the first instance for an annual gathering of a recently established Colloquium, the Colloque des Intellectuels Juifs de Langue Française. This new activity was in part an extension of the Talmud class which he initiated at the ENIO, and underpinned by his own studies under the enigmatic Talmud scholar Chouchani. Of these Talmud readings, all but two were subsequently published, largely unaltered though not including the responses made to them at the time. Nine of these formed the 1968 Quatre Lectures Talmudiques and the 1977 Du Sacré au Saint (collectively published in English as Nine Talmudic Readings), and a further nine appeared in either the 1982 Beyond the Verse or the 1988 In the Time of Nations.