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Catalogue of Compositions

Two of the following items are generally accepted as the standard classifi cations of Bartók’s musical compositions. The numbering system established by Denijs Dille for the youthful works is indicated by DD. The classifi cation employed by András Szőllősy for the remaining body of Bartók’s compositions is indicated by Sz. The classifi cation employed by László Somfai in the forthcoming Bartók thematic catalogue is indicated by BB. These numbering systems from the following items are incorporated into the present catalogue of compositions:

(1) Denijs Dille. Thematisches Verzeichnis der Jugendwerke Béla Bartóks 1890-1904. Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó, 1974. 295p. (DD)

(2) András Szőllősy. “Bibliographie des oeuvres musicales et écrits musicologiques de Béla Bartók.” In Bence Szabolcsi, ed. Bartók, sa vie et son oeuvre. Budapest: Corvina, 1956. pp. 299-345. Slightly revised numbers derive from the English translation of József Ujfalussy. Bartók Béla. Budapest: Corvina, 1965; English translation by Ruth Pataki, revised by Elizabeth West. Budapest: Corvina, 1971. pp. 395-430. (Sz)

(3) László Somfai. “Appendix: List of Works and Primary Sources.” In Béla Bartók: Composition, Concepts, and Autograph Sources. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press, 1996. pp. 297-320. Classifi cation numbering for the forthcoming Bartók thematic catalogue. (BB)

The following catalogue includes Bartók’s published compositions, each given in the language of the original title. English translations are given in brackets. Movements of a work are indicated by Roman numerals, individual pieces within a work by Arabic numerals. Each listing includes some or all of the following: period of composition or its offi cial date of completion (indicated by Date); the person or group to whom dedicated, as referred to by Bartók in the score (indicated by Ded); date, performer(s), and location of the fi rst performance (indicated by Perf); publisher and date of publication (indicated by Pub); and one of the three main catalogues of Bartók’s works given above (indicated by Cat). For detailed data on the autograph sources for each work, see item no. 1159.