chapter  10
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Bartók’s editions and transcriptions of keyboard works by other composers

Ded-Márta [Bartók] Perf-May 24, 1918, Egisto Tango conducting, Olga Haselbeck [Judith],

Oszkar Kálmán [Bluebeard], Budapest Pub-vocal score, Universal 1922; full score, Universal 1925, 1963 Cat-Sz 48, BB 62

111. A fából faragott királyfi [The Wooden Prince] Op. 13; ballet in one act, libretto by Béla Balázs Date-1914-1916, orchestrated 1916-1917; suite, 1932 (unpublished) Ded-Egisto Tango Perf-May 12, 1917, Hungarian State Opera House (Egisto Tango

conducting), Budapest Pub-piano score, Universal 1921; full score, Universal 1924 Cat-Sz 60, BB 74

112. A csodálatos mandarin [The Miraculous Mandarin] Op. 19; pantomime in one act, libretto by Menyhért Lengyel Date-October 1918 to May 1919, Rákoskeresztúr; also suite Perf-November 27, 1926, Jenő Szenkár conducting, Cologne Pub-piano four-hands score, Universal 1925; full score, Universal 1955 Cat-Sz 73, BB 82

10. Bartók’s editions and transcriptions of keyboard works by other composers

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