chapter  5
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Documents, pictures, letters and essays in collected editions

According to Márta Szekeres-Farkas, in RILM Abstracts No. 3615 (1986), states that “A postcard from the French violinist Henri Marteau to Bartók was previously the only document pointing to correspondence between them. Probably Ernő Dohnányi facilitated a meeting, and Ferruccio Busoni may also have played an important role. Bartók’s intentionafter the break with Stefi Geyer-was to have his violin concerto played either by Marteau or Jenő Hubay. Marteau returned the materials for the violin concerto and the fi rst string quartet to Bartók. The letters published here are: Bartók to Marteau, 10 May 1908; Marteau to Bartók, 19 May 1909; Bartók to Marteau, 8 June 1909.” See also in Gieseler Festschrift (1985): 103-111.