chapter  2
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Discussions of specifi c biographical events, aspects, and details

Provides an in-depth chronological study of Bartók’s life, supported by extensive documentation, based on letters and concert reviews. Also, includes analyses of his entire output, including previously unpublished works, with an emphasis on the early compositions. In addition to the infl uence of earlier composers, the relation of Bartók’s music to that of certain contemporaries is also demonstrated. Furthermore, the ethnomusicological activities of both Bartók and Kodály are explored. Contains illustrations, music, ports., and bibliography. German trans. by Bruno Heinrich. Zurich: Atlantis, 1973. See reviews of the book by: Gianfranco Vinay, in Nuova rivista musicale italiana 10/1 (January-March 1976): 135-137. See reviews of the translation by: Hartmut Fladt, in Die neue Zeitung für Musik 135/5 (May 1974): 331-333; Erich Limmert, in Melos 41/3 (1974): 157; Eugen Mayer-Rosa, in Musikbildung 6/5 (1974): 335-336; János Breuer, in Magyar zene (Budapest) 15/3 (September 1974): 326-327; Günter Weiss-Aigner, in Musikforschung 29/3 (1976): 366-367.