chapter  3
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Specialized studies of Bartók’s career and work as ethnomusicologist

Discusses Bartók’s association with Romanian musicians and presents his views on folk music and aesthetics.

373. Weil, Irving. “Bartók Bows to America in New York Hall.” Musical America (December 31, 1927): 1, 8. ML1 M97

Review of Bartók’s own performance debut of the Rhapsody for piano and orchestra, Op. 1, with the New York Philharmonic, conducted by Mengelberg. The new Piano Concerto (No. 1) was abandoned because of insuffi cient rehearsal, which was disappointing, since it would have shown Bartók as representative of the “extreme left” in Hungary and “presumably summing up the whole current Bartók gospel of dissonance.” Also discusses the development of Bartók’s style.