chapter  3
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Folk-music infl uences on Bartók’s compositions

Bartók’s evolution of “Klangfl ächen” from the concept to its realization in Duke Bluebeard’s Castle of 1911.

973. Wolff, Hellmuth Christian. “Béla Bartók und die Musik der Gegenwart” [Béla Bartók and the music of the present day]. Melos 8 (1952): 209-217. 780.5 M492 ISSN 0174-7207

Outlines Bartók’s development as a composer, stressing the importance of his folk-music collecting, and argues that he went through all stages of the new European music from Impressionism to Expressionism, and Classicism to a new “optimism” in his late works. Provides analytical descriptions of several works, with the aim of elucidating Bartók’s style in relation to other contemporary developments.