chapter  10
Th ree Month Follow-Up
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I saw Teresa fi ve times in the next 7 weeks. Session 1: Teresa continues to avoid eye contact. I focus on what she

has been doing this summer with the hope of increasing socialization opportunities and replacing mean attacks with social skills. I hope that her boredom at home and anxiety about going to sleepover camp for a week will motivate her to focus on these areas. But she responds, “I watch cartoons, ride my bike, and do sudoku. I like being at home alone.” She says she is not bored and does not want to see anyone. I ask about the math camp she will be going to next week. She reports she won’t know anyone but wants to get away from her mother and will not say why. I ask if she wants to make friends and she says, “Depends,” but will not say on what. I talk about how I made friends when I went to camp. With nothing to lose I tell her everything I know: “I was friendly and smiled at people, asked them questions about where they were from and if they had been to camp before. I asked where things were and what came next and asked questions about what they told me. … I learned to make friends in kindergarten where they taught me to share, take turns, give compliments, and not run with scissors. You don’t ask me questions.” She responds, “Next time. I want to draw, now.”