chapter  8
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Israel and the Second Intifada

The Second Intifada exposed Israel to an intensive period of indiscriminate attacks of suicide bombings, shootings, and Katusha rocket attacks from late 2000 through to mid-2004. Although there was not an official ending to the Second Intifada, the violence declined considerably in 2004 which is the period this study will go to. Unlike the violence of other periods of terrorism like the First Intifada that predominantly centred on the West Bank and Gaza areas, the Second Intifada struck at the heart of Israel, targeting buses, shops, cafes, beaches, universities and shopping centres. While only conventional munitions (high explosives) were used, the continuous terror caused was immense and at times unrelenting. This case study provides a valuable insight into the effects of a prolonged terrorist campaign against a civilian population of indiscriminate bombings and shootings.