chapter  14
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Creating a New Story: Retranscripting the Mindbrain

Psychoanalysis is a system for discerning hidden patterns of coherent meaning, uncovering and decoding unconscious fantasies, and interpreting defenses that become actively engaged in daily life, and discerning that the language itself is meaningful rather than only symbolic (Ogden, 1997). It took us nine decades of the first 100 years in psychoanalysis to get the notion that the message contains the message, as Lichtenberg (1998) has pointed out, rather than only containing the "real meaning" camouflaged or layered beneath. The message must be understood as a full and valid communication and exhausted before the venue is changed. The immediate communication and experience of the patient yields initial understanding before looking at what the patient is trying not to say (a defensive focus), or what the patient really means in terms of past repetition (genetic focus) of what is not said.