chapter  2
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—Curriculum and Lesson Planning

Scenario 2.1 Sharon is a student teacher in a high school choral setting. Her cooperating teacher, Mr. Engels, has been teaching for close to 20 years. His program is considered by many to be one of the most successful in the region. His top choir performs frequently at the annual state conference and many of his students are accepted to perform in the all-state chorus. Sharon is excited to work with such a master teacher and is anxious to know what he does on a daily basis to get such fabulous results. After her first week, she is confused. Her university faculty stressed the importance of music literacy and Sharon firmly believes that a choral program that includes the development of sight-singing skills is the key to good musicianship, yet she observes that Mr. Engles’ rehearsal routine centers around rote teaching from the piano. The students sing well and are motivated, but the learning process concerns her and she is uncertain what she will take away from this experience.