chapter  5
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Playground Interventions: Katherine Brehm and Beth Doll

Chapter 4 describes the use of systematic problem-solv-ing steps to develop and implement classroom plans for improving recess. Of these, Step 3 involves teachers and students in identifying and critically evaluating strategies for solving recess problems-strategies that help students make and keep more friends, resolve the inevitable conflicts that occur between students and their peers, and successfully confront bullying and intimidation from their peers. Chapter 4 emphasizes students’ perceptions of the recess problems, and student ideas for making recess more enjoyable. Still, it is also important that adults leading Resilient Playgrounds projects be familiar with a variety of informal strategies and formal interventions to improve playgrounds and recess. This chapter will provide a more detailed explanation of the kinds of strategies and interventions that have been used in other schools to foster resilient playgrounds.