chapter  4
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Data-Based Problem Solving

Chapter 2 summarized current developmental under-standing of students’ social competence and its expres-sion in students’ friendships, peer interactions, aggression, and play. Three interlocking goals were identified for resilient playgrounds-that students form and maintain satisfying friendships, cope effectively with peer aggression, and are protected from bullying and intimidation. Chapter 3 described important features of playground facilities and recess practices that contribute to or detract from students’ competent play and peer interactions. Simple playground checklists included on the Resilient Playgrounds CD provide some guidance in applying Chapter 3’s principles to a specific playground. In this chapter, we will explain how to use databased problem-solving procedures to make additional playground modifications, appropriate to the unique conditions of a single school’s recess practices, so that students’ peer conflict is minimized, and their dynamic and effective peer interactions are maximized.