chapter  7
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From Separate Schools to Hierarchical Tracks: The Israeli School System, 1948–1968

This chapter will examine the way the school system established by the Zionist civil-society-turned-state operated during the 1950s and 1960s, after two large new pupil populations, Palestinians and the children of the Jews from the Arab lands, came under its jurisdiction. The chapter shall concentrate on the schools in Mizrahi and Israeli Palestinian villages and towns. In Chapter 4, it was noted that both Mizrahim and Palestinians studied in separate schools, separate from the veteran Ashkenazim and separate from each other. We also pointed out that it was not the schools, but rather the military, that played the central role in the Israelization of the new groups, and more precisely, of the Jews among them. This chapter will look at the internal functioning of the schools: the curriculum, the books, the teachers, and the physical plant.