chapter  8
WhiteWorld: Whiteness and the performance of racial domination
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Most White people would probably be surprised by the idea of ‘WhiteWorld’: they see only the world; its Whiteness is invisible to them because the racialized nature of politics, policing, education and every other sphere of public life is so deeply ingrained that it has become normalized; unremarked and taken for granted. As I argued in Chapters 1 and 2, this is an exercise of power that goes beyond notions of ‘White privilege’ and can only be adequately understood through a language of power and domination. Privilege is too soft a word; this is about supremacy. But it is a form of supremacy that is multifaceted: at one moment harsh and aggressive (seen at its most obvious in relation to the so-called ‘War on Terror’) but at the next moment, subtle and hidden – written through the fabric of what counts as ‘normality’ in what Dennis describes as ‘WhiteWorld’.