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Geocoding Addresses

In Figure 1.14 you can see that not only are the darker boundary lines gone from the display, but the background color of the block group layer is also gone.

What kind of addresses can be geocoded? Software like ArcGIS can deal with addresses in a number of formats. A standard address would be something like 1922 Jones St, and an address in this format is potentially geocodable. An address in the form of 22nd St and Bowman Ave, indicating an intersection, can also be codable. Sometimes the conjunction between the two streets in an intersection can cause the address not to be recognized, but in ArcGIS there is some flexibility in the recognition of conjunctions: ampersands can be used (&), slashes can be used (/), as well as the word “and.” The user has control of this process and can specify alternative forms. What if an address is misspelled? The geocoding engine of ArcGIS can be set to varying levels of sensitivity, that is to how much of an exact match the address has to be to what is in the database in order for the program to geocode the address successfully. Once you are familiar with the forms of address

more closely conform to the expectations of the software.