chapter  12
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The structured event complex and the human prefrontal cortex: the economic brain: Jordan Grafman

When compared with the PFC of other species, most investigators have claimed that the HPFC is proportionally (compared to the remainder of the cerebral cortex) much larger (Rilling and Inse11999; Semendeferi et ale 2001). There is other recent research indicating that the size of the HPFC is not proportionally larger than that of other primates, but that its internal neural architecture must be more sophisticated or at least differentially organized in order to support superior human functions (Petrides and Pandya 1999; Chiavaras et ale 2001). The functional argument being that in order to subserve such higher order cognitive functions as extended reactive planning and complex reasoning that are not obviously apparent in other primates or lower species, the HPFC must have a uniquely evolved neural architecture (Elston 2000).