chapter  2
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The Rise and Persistence of the Political Glass Ceiling

In the history of Congress, 215 women have served in the House, 139 Democrats and seventy-six Republicans, and thirty-five women have served in the Senate, twenty-two Democrats and thirteen Republicans. Two years later, with her vote against the war seen as a liability and her at-large district dissolved, she did not seek reelection to the House and instead ran for the Senate. She lost the Republican primary, but ran in the general election as a National Party candidate, coming in a distant third. The first woman to serve in the Senate was Rebecca Latimer Felton, who was appointed in 1922 and served for two days, the shortest Senate career in history. Felton was also a strong advocate of women's rights and was especially interested in the plight of rural women, although at one point she did support lynching blacks "as a warning against suspected rapists.".