chapter  6
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Benefits of formative feedback for academic staff

Formative feedback is not only an activity aimed at student learning, but can be used as a contribution to the evaluation of activities and as an input to staff development. This chapter will consider the benefits of reflecting on how students respond to formative assessment and formative feedback and how to make use of the opportunity to consider the effectiveness of the teaching and learning methods and techniques that have been used. The process of interpreting student perception and understanding of formative activities can provide a substantiated rationale for modifying teaching activities and practices. This chapter seeks to identify the student interactions that can benefit academic staff, to illustrate ways in which to gather and analyse the information and discuss how that information can be used to reinforce good practice or as a rationale for changing existing practice. The chapter will also give consideration as to how academic staff can learn about and develop their teaching practice by obtaining their own formative feedback through activities such as peer observation and mentoring.