chapter  4
teen African Reparations: Dealing with a Unique and Unprecedented Moral Debt
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Global racism is a social, economic and political process of human subordination, characterized by slavery, colonialism and modern racial discrimination, visited extensively upon African peoples among other peoples in the world for centuries. As a crime against humanity, the impact of these processes has promoted multiple forms of oppression which have prevented African peoples from achieving their rightful place in the global system with material equality and cultural dignity, within states and between African states and the Western system. In short, it has created a substantial distance between the racial groups who benefited from these global processes and those who were its victims. Second, fair restitution has never been made in a manner that has matched the depth and scope of this crime and in particular, states have not done enough to replace the economic infrastructure which was lost, without which the project of mass racial equality will never be achieved. The primary consequence of human suffering will persist and prevail and most important, the construction of true democratic society will continue to be abated as these states maintain dominance over African peoples through an ideology and a social practice of white racial supremacy.