chapter  9
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A Cultural Analysis of the Underlying Assumptions of Negotiation Theory

In this chapter, we take a meta-theoretical approach to the field of negotiation. Our purpose is to identify what the underlying assumptions of negotiation theory might look like from the point of view of non-Western culture, by which we mean primarily, but by no means exclusively, Asian cultures. Our purpose is not to provide a detailed review of all the negotiation and culture literature. Such a review is available in our edited volume Handbook of Negotiation and Culture (Gelfand & Brett, 2004). The Handbook has chapters on cognition, motivation, emotion, communication, conflict management, context, and so forth. Each chapter by a negotiation scholar is paired with a chapter by a scholar who studies culture and negotiation. In reading the Handbook, it is clear that the two sets of scholars are often working from contrasting assumptions about what is normative for social interaction.