chapter  9
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Gendered Ageism/Age(ed) Sexism: The Case of Unemployed Older Workers

Workforce aging has been identified as a public policy issue in most Western countries, including the United States and Canada. Although many have argued that workforce aging is not a concern worthy of crisis proportion (American Association of Retired Persons [AARP] 1999, 2001; Gee 2000; Marshall 2002; McDaniel 1998), to the extent that older workers have unique needs and priorities there may be challenges associated with this trend. Among such challenges will be the increasing necessity of employers to rely on the employment of older workers. Problems may arise, at least in part, because of implicit or explicit ageism that likely exists in paidwork environments. And, because older women will increasingly make up larger proportions of the workforce, the intersection between ageism and sexism in the workplace may be problematic.