chapter  6
Norway between Europe and the US
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The geopolitical context of Norway has been formulated in a triangular

fashion, with Russia, the US and Europe representing each of the three corners (see Neumann 2002; and also Chapter 2, pp. 17-22). Since 1999, the

European corner of this triangle has gained increased attention in the Nor-

wegian defence policy debate. Europe’s ambitions in the international arena

and efforts to establish relevant military capabilities have unleashed a set of

questions in Norway, some of which this chapter will discuss. What chal-

lenges are facing Norway as a result of the establishment of the European

Security and Defence Policy (ESDP)? To what extent has the ESDP affected

Norway’s security concerns, as seen in the political debate? How is cooperation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) expected to be

affected by the ESDP and what role is the US likely to play in this?