chapter  7
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European Security and Defence Policy: the Latvian perspective Zˇaneta Ozalin¸a

Over the last decade, Latvian foreign and defence policy has been domi-

nated by the race for European Union (EU) and North Atlantic Treaty

Organization (NATO) membership. Latvian accession to both organizations

in 2004 is indicative of the success of the substantial domestic reforms that

resulted in the consolidation of democracy and a market economy and the

establishment of a society based on the rule of law. Since accession, the

internal Latvian debate on security and foreign policy issues reflects that of

other member states. Thus contemporary Latvian concerns largely coincide with those of regional and international organizations. At the same time

Latvia and the other Baltic states are, from time to time, criticized for living

within the old security paradigm while Western democracies make the

transition from a modern to a postmodern security agenda (see Chapter 1,

pp. 7-8).