chapter  3
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Methodology and media self-regulatory codes of conduct

This chapter focuses on the methodology used in our analysis of self-regulatory codes of conduct (CoCs) either at the level of the media industry association, or of the individual media company.

This tool of analysis is an elaboration of a framework developed at Oxford University in research carried out by Monroe E. Price and Stefaan G. Verhulst.1 Elements of this tool were used in a 1999 Oxford study of Parental Control in Television Broad casting for the European Commission,2 later updated and published as ‘Shifting Paradigms: Reconsidering Regulation of Digital Content’. The ‘4C approach’ (analysing a CoC in terms of coverage, content, communication and compliance) set by Price and Verhulst3 for the examination of self-regulation was elaborated upon in their 2005 work Self Regulation and the Internet.4