chapter  8
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A Comparative Overview: Civic Education across the Six Societies

We stated in the opening chapter of this book that our goal was to examine the nature of civic education across six societies located on the Pacific Rim (Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United States) through an analysis of three levels or contexts. These are government policies concerning civic education, their operationalization in the school cuniculum for students aged 12-16, and their implementation in schools. Through analyzing and comparing these contexts within the six societies, we have been able to provide a portrayal that shows the connections and relationships between intent and actions, structure and agency,and rhetoric and reality.We also defined civic education in its broadest sense, which includes those dimensions that have been variously associated with terms such as civics, civic values, and moral, religious, and citizenship education within schools. This broad conception of civic education has allowed us to capture how different societies view the role of schools in preparing citizens.