chapter  5
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Learning to be “Indian”: Aspects of New Ethnic and Cultural Identities in Oxkutzcab

One of the most famous events in the New World in the early years of conquest is the auto-da-fe of M ani, 1562. The discovery of the widespread practice of idolatry took place in the area of the Tutul Xiufamily-the first ally of the Spaniards-and among the Cocom-family in Sotuta. Some of the religious beliefs and practices of the Catholic and Maya systems were similar, but the Maya practices of human sacrifice involving the crucifixion of children (Scholes and Adams 1938 Tomo I: 75 for an example) by people who had nominally converted to Catholicism outraged the friars. Landa and his military escort rounded up an impressive number of idols, crania, and codices. The inquisition with its interrogations, torture, and killings lasted three months, and reached its peak with the auto-da-fe on July 12th, in front of the convent in Mani (Clendinnen 1987, Hervik 1985, Ramirez Aznar 1986 , Scholes and Roys 1938).