chapter  3
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Pierre-Joseph Proudhon: From Caricatures to a Portrait

One of the difficulties in carrying out this initial task is to engage with sufficient of his works in order to achieve the goal of this chapter. As Robert Hoffman 5 has pointed out, Proudhon was a prolific writer. His published work is made up of ‘well over twenty thousand pages’ and his unpublished writings comprise about two thousand more pages. The breadth of topics he discussed seems to be almost without limit. Not all of his work has been translated into English, although several of his major writings have been, the most prominent being What is Property? (1840), System of Economical Contradictions or, The Philosophy of Misery, Volume 1 of two volumes (1846), Proudhon’s Solution of the Social Problem (1848), General Idea of the Revolution in the Nineteenth Century (1851), The Principle of Federation (1863), and a useful anthology edited by Stewart Edwards, Selected Writings of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (1969).