chapter  2
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The Empirical Validation, Application, and Effectiveness of Relationship Enhancement Therapy

The RE model has a strong empirical research base that encompasses both RE therapy and the RE Program. This research covers the period since the mid-1970s, and the accumulated total of empirical studies and case reports is a sound indicator of the effectiveness of RE therapy. The most comprehensive summary of RE research in terms of outcome is provided by Accordino and Guerney (2002). This summary includes 25 independent studies, each of which demonstrates the effectiveness of RE in terms of one or more outcome measures. Five of these studies involved a direct comparison of RE with another model, and in each study RE was shown to be at least as effective as the comparison model on specific outcome measures and was shown to be clearly superior on a majority of the outcome measures. This superior comparative effectiveness of RE was independently confirmed by an award-winning meta-analytic study (Giblin, Sprenkle, & Sheehan, 1985) that demonstrated the clear comparative superiority of RE to any of the other 13 models for which data were available and with which it was compared (see below).